Fauna in Lake Kerkini An ecological fairytale

One of the 11 wetlands protected by the international Ramsar Convention in Greece

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 Πανίδα στη Λίμνη Κερκίνη Βουβάλι

The fauna of Lofos Pefkon, as well as of the rest of the region, is closely dependent on LakeKerkini, which is one of the most important wetlands not only in Greece, but worldwide. The lake and the region nearby shelter many birds, mammals and fish.

The lake�s banks and the forests around it are home to many species of birds, actually more than 300, many of which are rare and endangered such as the Dalmation Pelican and the Pygmy Cormorant.Kerkini also serves as an intermediate station for migrating birds, as well as a place for reproduction. It constitutes one of the most important wintering areas in Europe for the Dalmatian Pelican, while the Black Stork, the White Stork, the Peregrin Falcon, the Short-toed Snake Eagle, the Lesser Spotted Eagle, the White-tailed Eagle and the Booted Eagle reproduce in its banks.

Αργυροτσικνιάς (Ergetta Alba)

 (Ergetta Alba)

Βουβάλι ή νεροβούβαλος



At the same time, it is considered to be one of the most significant colonies of Great Cormorants, Common Spoonbills, Glossy Ibises and various species of herons, while over the last years new species have been observed in the region, like the Lesser White-fronted Goose, the American Flamingo, the Tundra Swan etc.However, except for the water birds, the areas around the lake shelter many birds of prey like the Eastern Imperial Eagle, the Greater Spotted Eagle, the White-tailed Eagle, the White-headed duck and the Saker Falcon.


Αργυροτσικνιάς (Ergetta Alba)
Πανίδα στη Λίμνη Κερκίνη
Πανίδα στη Λίμνη Κερκίνη

 In this area there are also various species of mammals. Many of them are endangered, like the European Otter, the Roe Deer, the Golden Jackal, the Wolf, the Wildcat, and many of them are common like foxes, least weasels, wild boars, rabbits, hedgehogs and badgers. This is also the place where the greatest number of water buffalos in Greece lives, approximately 1350! They move leisurely inside the water, offering the visitors and the explorers a unique spectacle.32 species of birds have been recorded in Lake Kerkini and the river Strymon. Among them, the most significant are: the Common Carp, the Wild Goldfish, the Common Bleak, the River Flathead Mullet, the Roach, the Macedonian Vimba and the Briana. New species have been also observed, like the Sunfish and the Eurasian Ruffe.

There are approximately 25 species of reptiles in the region and at least 11 species of amphibians.



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