Flora in Lake Kerkini An ecological fairytale

One of the 11 wetlands protected by the international Ramsar Convention in Greece

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Χλωρίδα στη Λίμνη Κερκίνη

The wetland hosts an admirable flora which changes every season. It belongs to the order Quercetalia pubescentis characterized as hill, sub-montane.

Except for the conifer trees - mainly pines and cypresses - there are various species of oak and other plants like bay laurel, oleander, spartium, judas tree, as well as wild roses and briar in the lower slopes of Lofos Pefokn and the nearby region. Furthermore, the flora of Kerkini includes also common junipers, Cotinus coggygria, turpentine trees, European Pears, Pyrus Spinosas, honeysuckles and other bushes composing a beautiful, green picture. In the nearby massifs you can find oaks, firs, common alders, ostryas, chestnuts, hawthorns, fraxini, maples, rowans, ivies, clematis, croci etc.Near the lake and in the swampy areas of the region you can mainly find water lilies, irises, mint, yarrows, bulrush, and trees like willows, populi, planes, narrow-leafed ashes, oaks, common hornbeams, wild roses, common hazels, blackthorns, ash trees, common limes, hawthorns, ivies and maples. Moreover, more than 1.300 species of plants have been recorded around Lake Kerkini, many of which are endemic or rare.

The scenery is filled with colors and the best season is when the wild flowers of the region are in blossom. The lanscape is breathtaking.



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Environmental education

Lithotopos is ideal for creative ecology and enviromental studies both for students and visitors.


Ideal destinationfor Alternative Tourism


Ideal destination for Alternative Tourism


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Flora Lake Kerkini

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