Lithotopos Municipality of Serres Iraklia Kayiali

Ideal destination for alternative tourism in Serres

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Lithotopos «Kayali» as it was called until 1928, is located southwest of the city of Iraklia Serres Central Macedonia. Lithotopos is a hilly village, at an altitude of 45 meters, built on two hills, in the foothills of Krousia Mountains. The village is right next to the river Strymon where there is a large dam at the southern tip of Lake Kerkinis.

In Lithotopos live about 700 residents and is located 35 km from the city of Serres, 100 km from Thessaloniki and 50 km from the border with Bulgaria.


The climate of the location is characterized as a subtype of the Mediterranean climate, with high rainfall during winter, abundant rainfall during spring and very limited rainfall during summer and autumn.

The locations average temperature remains at 15.8 oC, while the highest temperatures appear during summer, when the average temperature reaches 33 oC, and the lowest during winter, when it remains at 1.4 oC.

Rural Tourism Activities

Lithotopos is featured as a destination for alternative tourism, for all seasons

In Lithotopos the visitor is in direct contact with the rural life, crops, nature, flora and fauna. Apart from the hospitality and comforts provided by accommodation our visitors can participate in various activities. Typical of these are:

  • Ecosystem observation (birds watching , fauna, flora, visits to the wetland of Lake Kerkinis, etc.)
  • Sports Activities (ιππασία, κανό, πε πεζοπορία κ.λ.π),
  • Cultural tours visits to monasteries, churches, folklore museums, traditional villages, archaeological sites etc.,)
  • Gastronomy - Greek cuisine, local products etc.


Lithotopos is an ideal destination for people coming from the cities of the Prefecture of Serres, as well as for the people living in nearby prefectures. It is only 35km away from the city of Serres, 20km from sidirokastro and 11km from Iraklia and 65 from Thessaloniki.The road connecting Lofos Pefkon with the nearby areas and cities is in good condition, since it is asphalt and causes no particular problems.


Environmental education

Lithotopos is ideal for creative ecology and enviromental studies both for students and visitors.


Ideal destinationfor Alternative Tourism


Ideal destination for Alternative Tourism


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